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The Summoning Power of Collective Initiation in a Cosmic Passion Play  October 9-11 in Sedona

with Gabrielle, Sasha and Shams Teh   See for all info link below

“Green fire is the sign of the new body, our love engenders in a bed of dawn.” – Rumi



Seeing the real nature of one’s mind is ecstatic.
Don’t die again with that holy ruby mine inside still unclaimed! – Hafiz


Program includes:

Humanity’s Role
as an Evolutionary Organ of Light 

Cosmic Birthing Power and Passion 

The Beloved’s Role in Evolution

A Larger Playground                                                       
Community of Essence and Compassion, visible and invisible                 
Opening Our Visionary Body of Higher Awareness:                                         

New Language, New Body, New Light Environment                                          Light Transmissions of the Living Word                                                            Opening Our Neural Hologram of the Heart                                                      Himma, spiritual creative energy of the inner heart                                                                                                                                                                                      Sacred Passion, Purpose and Perception:                                                  Awakening Higher Cognitive Faculties and Skills

The Inner Website:                                                                                                      Sacred Sights Within                                                                                            Experience of Unity                                                                                                    Form Follows Frequency
Living In Formation
Strengthening Pure Presence 

.. the most complete Divine Manifestation, surprising as it may seem, is this very intimate human reality, this subtle nervous system, a potential expanse of illumination greater than the physical cosmos and greater than the heavenly realms.  – Great Swan,  Sri Ramakrishna

Additional Information

This program offers direct initiatory experience and knowledge.  Immersion in practices from mystical, initiatory poetry and wisdom texts includes sufi, zen, buddhist, aramaic, kabalistic and others.  Sound, movement, body prayers,  breath and meditation practices for equipoise,  silence and nature. Call 928.282.1277 to register and for further information.


Our weekend together was easily one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I must thank you.  Every day I open to a more spiritual, cosmic existence.  You are full of wisdom, patience and humor that does not go unnoticed.  My words barely express the resolution i feel; but as I am learning from you to attune, I will ground this moment in silence, and know you will perceive it.  I am looking forward to more immersion in what you so rightly promised as Glory. – A.C.