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  Awakening Heart of Humanity – Our Collective Summoning….
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The frequencies of Uttati essential oils are refined higher Light vibrations. (The following is from a recent article I wrote on Uttati, addressing specifically their gifts in awakening higher consciousness.)

 “Although Uttati ‘s devas work like genie on all levels, expanding, balancing, clearing and grounding, a special focus and appreciation has consistently been their direct support in awakening inner peace, wisdom, higher harmonics and encodements, core strengthening and grounding.  They interface directly with our higher matrix on all levels; they inspire coherence and move us forward in balanced spiritual evolution.

Where are we now – in this new field, in this new love, beyond all above and below, inside inter-relation, inside interbeing?”  Who we are melts in this candle flame instant; identity becomes one vast motion.  – Rumi


*Receive mentoring foundation and training with Uttati Aromatherapy.

Discover this ancient science and its preventative, rejuvenating and healing gifts and application for today.  Call 928.282.1277  to reserve your space. 

Level One Training provides foundational  knowledge and direct experience with Uttati’s core group of oils for personal, therapeutic or professional use.

Note: Uttati oils interface beautifully with counseling and other healing modalities.  Practitioners notice increased support in their own abilities as well as immediate increased receptivity and presence with their clients.

Included in the core group are essential oils for meditation, yoga, massage, opening the heart, expanding consciousness, clearing and healing mental, emotional and physical patterns, creating sacred space, shamanic journeying and soul healing, environmental protection, boosting immune system and maintaining vitality and well being. We explore classic singles as Lotus, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Helichyrsum italicum (aka Immortelle or Everlasting), Spikenard, Neroli and Rose damascena.  We also explore some of the amazing blends offered by Uttati such as Ab, ANKH, Emotional Release, Exaltation, Deep Relaxation, Neteru, Toning and Sufi and Chakra blends.

You receive personal mentoring and instruction, engage in your own research, receive an essential foundation and knowledge of aromatherapy, diagnostics and application as well as an extensive reference packet and Uttati certificate and 10% off on first order.

For Online Trainings, you may work at your own pace over 2-3 months.  There are bi-weekly emailed assignments and check-ins with Gabrielle, a journal or record to keep and support with specific focuses as they emerge. Training includes an initial phone consultation/session with Gabrielle.  Several other phone sessions are available during training.

Registration:  Call 928.282.1277  Tuition is $350.  An invoice will be sent to you from Pay Pal if you wish to pay with a credit card. Otherwise, send checks or International Money Orders, payable to Gabrielle Young, to 211 Caballo Drive, Sedona AZ 86336.

Sedona Trainings, both Level One and Advanced, may be arranged with Gabrielle by calling 928.282.1277.  These are the equivalent of 2 full days although the time may be arranged differently during your Sedona visit (e.g., 1 full day and 2 half days instead).   Those staying longer in Sedona may combine the training with a personal session, teachings or vision quest.

Sedona trainings include focused work with the oils in nature for enhanced healing and meditation, opening awareness of the living infra-structure in nature and shamanic journeying as well as table and energy work with the oils. Please note that these are also covered in online trainings with Gabrielle’s coaching.

Tuition: 350   Please call Gabrielle (928.282.1277) to register for both on line and Sedona trainings.

UTTATI Aromatherapy Advanced Certificate Training

(Note: for those who have already completed Level One Uttati Certification)

 Advanced Training offers further in-depth knowledge of Uttati Aromatherapy and direct mentoring from Gabrielle.  Some of the topics we explore are:

*Expanding Uttati Core Group of Singles and Blends.  This includes research on specific single essential oils (e.g., Helichrysum italicum or Saffron) which have a broad and powerful therapeutic spectrum as well as ones with a single, very unique focus (e.g., Violet Leaf Absolute).
*Different examples of same specie: (e.g., Lavenders and their uses).
*Exploring the nature of blends; live alchemy in preparing a blend or attar.
*Deeper exploration into Uttati healing blends and their application
*Developing knowledge base and confidence in selecting essential oils for personal or professional use: questions, diagnosis, testing, including response to fragrance and knowing which singles and blends support immune system and when to choose one or another.
*Studying and using (‘using’ is optional and highly recommended) Uttati’s  2 Week WHOLE SYSTEM CLEANSE (listed as LLC, Formulas #1 and 2) under “Synergistic Blends” on Aromatherapy at
*Choosing a subject you are drawn to research and recording results.  Some examples: Sufi or Chakra Blends, emotional healing possibilities, oils for meditation, inner journeying, massage, cleansing and opening to body wisdom, etc. This involves research, direct hands-on experience, including with others, and journal keeping.
*Warm oil dripping: an ecstatic experience based on Ayurveda.

Tuition:  $350
Registration:  Call 928.282.1277 An invoice will be sent to you from Pay Pal if you wish to pay with a credit card. Otherwise, send checks or International Money Orders, payable to Gabrielle Young, to 211 Caballo Drive, Sedona AZ 86336.

Questions?  Give a call.  In Joy, Gabrielle


2-4 day retreat  

The Summoning Power of Collective Initiation in a Cosmic Passion Play

“Green fire is the sign of the new body, our love engenders in a bed of dawn.” – Rumi



Seeing the real nature of one’s mind is ecstatic.
Don’t die again with that holy ruby mine inside still unclaimed!~ Hafiz


Focus includes:

* Humanity’s Role as an Evolutionary Organ of Light…  Cosmic Birthing Power and Passion …  the Beloved’s Role in  Evolution… Our Experience of Unity… Regenerative Power of Higher Light Harmonics … Our Community of Essence and Compassion …

*Opening Our Visionary Body of Awareness
Awakening Higher Cognitive Faculties of Sacred Perception

                             New Language, New Body, New Light Environment

Form Follows Frequency
Living In Formation
Strengthening Pure Presence 

 Do you know how beautiful you are?”Rumi

... “the most complete Divine Manifestation, surprising as it may seem, is this very intimate human reality, this subtle nervous system, a potential expanse of illumination greater than the physical cosmos and greater than the heavenly realms.”
Great Swan, Sri Ramakrishna


Additional Information

Program offers direct initiatory experience and knowledge.  Immersion in practices from mystical, initiatory poetry and wisdom texts includes sufi, zen, buddhist, aramaic, kabalistic and others.  Sound, movement, body prayers,  breath and meditation practices for equipoise,  silence and nature. Call 928.282.1277 to register and for further information.


Our weekend together was easily one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I must thank you.  Every day I open to a more spiritual, cosmic existence.  You are full of wisdom, patience and humor that does not go unnoticed.  My words barely express the resolution i feel; but as I am learning from you to attune, I will ground this moment in silence, and know you will perceive it.  I am looking forward to more immersion in what you so rightly promised as Glory. – A.C.