Supporting Vision, Sacred Passion and Purpose, Deepening Embodied Awareness
A synthesis of gentle, non-invasive healing and rejuvenating modalities.  Phone sessions available.

Soul Activation Light Infusion Sessions
Clear, purify and regenerate. Open dimensions of heart awareness.  Expand into your spiritual-consciousness matrix  of Light.  Awaken your unique soul pattern and body of visionary awareness.  Access your deeper natural resources of inspired intuitive wisdom and  compassion for creative service.

Private Light Infusion Sessions include energy, breath, cranial and sound healing  and exquisite, high quality Uttati Aromatherapy.   Balanced expansion, clearing, healing and integration.

SCHEDULE A SESSION    1  hour/$108 or 90 min/$150 sessions available (90 min. session includes a  reading)
Call 928.282.1277 to schedule your session.

Aromatherapy Healing Session
A Powerful, Beautiful Journey

Relaxing, expansive and rejuvenating. Session is custom-designed. Gabrielle selects and uses pure, 1st press, single essential oils and blends of the highest quality for each person. The energetics and healing properties of Uttati Aromatherapy immediately clear, balance, strengthen and regenerate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Person experiences a deep re-connection with innermost being, sacred passion and purpose, as well as heightened awareness of inner peace, harmony, clarity and well-being. Sessions are by phone, skype or in person.

to schedule your phone or Sedona  session.
45 min/$85
or 6o min/$108 sessions available


Sound/Movement Healing Sessions
2 hour sessions available

Meditation and Inner Journeying Sessions
An expanded 1/2 day personal retreat is also available. | CLICK HERE
90 minute sessions available

What Really Happens in a Session?
Read an article by Gabrielle Young on Light Infusions – what really happens in a consultation. | READ ARTICLE

Gift Certificates
Give someone you care about the gift of a Light Infusion Session.
Gift Certificates of any amount are available.

Schedule a Session
Individual, private sessions are offered in person in Sedona, Arizona or by telephone.
To schedule an appointment, or to order gift certificates, please call 928.282.1277 or email:


“Ever since my first sessions …
I have experienced Gabrielle’s connection with the divine
and with the mystical wisdom of the ages as direct and deep.
Her one-on-one work provides a powerful springboard from
which to enter and directly expeience our sacred inner space.
Gabrielle has been privileged to travel deep inner realms and
she offers herself as a wise and humble guide to their door.
Each session is unique. Her inspired work has been
and continues to be a priceless blessing in my life.”

~ Lea Durard, Inverness, CA