In the Words of Gabrielle Young
This article originally appeared in the Spring 2000 issue of “The Cosmic Light”. Gabrielle Young is a well-known performer and exponent of the immortal works of Rumi and other Sufi and Mystical poets. This (abbreviated) article on Cosmic Literacy arose out of her deep passion for and understanding of their enlightened expressions of eternal truths. ~ Editor, The Cosmic Light

Cosmic Literacy

Sacred harmonics in ancient rootings of language draw forth a cosmic, mystical plumb-line within us, true substance of being, the precious elixir of love—compassionate wisdom: Who lets down a bucket and brings up a flowing prophet? ~ Rumi

Tracing the roots of language reveals a higher order and wisdom and opens us to a cosmic literacy — cosmic song lines through which pristine awareness flows, calling us back to our Original Constellations of Resonance. Language is a cosmic evolutionary tool, a guiding spiritual principle for divine seed programs such as humanity’s, a vehicle of navigation to and through a cosmic sea of Light awareness, that which the mystics call the Sea of Splendor.

The consciousness of ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, was rooted in a higher cosmology. Language was sacred, imbued with mystery and a higher power, reflecting the visionary experience of the union of world and cosmos. The Word was multidimensional ‘performative;’ it enacted, brought into being, full dynamics of creation. Hieroglyphic symbols were resonant generators. Around the term represented by a sign (ideograph, hieroglyph), there formed a halo of visual connotations and secondary senses, a sort of choir of associative meaning. (Umberto Eco, The Search for the Perfect Language, from the chapter “The Perfect Language of Images.”) The spoken Word, attuned to cosmic biorhythms and fertility cycles, moved within the cosmic pyramid voice resonance grid of Osiris. Humanity is a cosmic glyph:

And God said to Clarity – Walk. ~ Rumi

The power of Sacred Language is the power of a higher light harmonics, the power of ‘the First Utterance,’ Authentic Being. It is a direct, visionary gifting, the sap of fresh Intelligence from the Garden of Origins casting revelatory Light on everything, illuminating, revealing essential nature everywhere. Pure creation rolls straight from Source and back again:

I am spun in the Name of God — goldspun;
Rivers of Light flow through me and I am
Home, I am Home.

~ Gabrielle

Awake, dear one, awake,
be kind to your sleeping heart;
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
and let it breathe.

~ Hafiz

The architectonics of light, sound, color, vibration are the sculpting tools of creation. These subtle transmissions are evolutionary modalities constituting, updating and revealing the architecture of Being supporting deeper and deeper alignment with higher evolution, deepening intimacy with All That Is.

Humanity is an evolutionary organ of Light. The Longing circuit is a spiritual imperative encoded within the deepest core of our being for the successful unfolding of our divine seed program. It initiates and sustains this unfoldment of being, our journey with the Beloved, through spiritualized impulses of love, presence of Presence, opening the neural hologram of the Heart, the Human Divine Overself of Love. Our holonomic nervous system is illumined; it runs on Light, illumining Presence. The human body is a vehicle of illumination.

I need a mouth as wide as the sky
to say the nature of a true human being —
language as large as longing.

~ Rumi

Gnostic incision, “Being’s supra-conscious ecstatic intensity,” breaks us open, parts the red sea of limited consciousness and reveals the central passage of liberation into the open Sea of Splendor, the bridging or crossing of the corpus callosum. This alchemical process of illumination opens and refines us, revealing the infinite dimensions of the pure heart and illuminated mind, pure awareness. As Kabir says, The One Who makes my eyes so bright, has made Love with me. The Beloved, the Guest, the Cupbearer is a Light surgeon of exquisite precision. Direct encounter with the Light of this Presence pierces and ravishes the human heart, sculpting and refining it as a pure vessel or grailcup. This is the art and science of gnostic incision and inundation, the emptying and flooding in of superluminal Light, experienced as Divine Rapture.

Light will someday split you wide open
into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy,
even if your mind is now a spoiled mule.

~ Hafiz

May I stand amazed in the Presence of God;
may I stand in the midst of celestial fire
until my heart is molten gold.
May I walk everywhere on earth
radiant, complete.

~ Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

The prophets, saints, masters, illuminated hosts, are One living, evolving constellation of Glory. Listen and speak aloud the beautiful Sufi invocation, “Toward the One,” by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love,
Harmony and Beauty, the only Being
united with all the illuminated souls
who form the embodiment of the Master,
the Spirit of Guidance.

When Rumi was a child in the thirteenth century, sages predicted to his father that he would one day set the hearts of the world on fire. Rumi is now ‘the best-selling poet’ in the United States. When devotees bemoaned his historical ‘leaving,’ dying, he assured them he would continue to be constantly present and requested that they celebrate this aspect of the ‘turning’ as his Wedding Day. This is ‘turning’ on all levels. Rumi is the originator of the whirling dance in the Sufi practice of sema and the founding Pir of the Mevlevi Order.


Cosmic dancer. The archetypal dance of creation is ours. Being’s ecstatic intensity seeds and ignites the immaculate concept, ground of the soul, dais of pure being in the heart of transparency.

As a spiritual master who encountered directly, through the presence of his master, Shams, the entire alchemical awakening process that humanity is currently engaged in, “Rumi is present, here, now, in a way none of us are here yet.” (Andrew Harvey, The Way of Passion: A celebration of Rumi).

The rigor, tenderness, sublime majesty, beauty, compassion and mercy of the Beloved is a universal spiritual, evolutionary imperative — intimate flame firing the cosmos. This is the Journey with the Beloved. It is an inner journey utterly precise in its divine articulation of Grace. Rumi and the prophets are reliable witnesses. They have lived through the necessary, amazing process of being opened and refined as living vessels of Light to embody the Beloved. In the process they have opened for humanity the gates and thresholds of Light, the Sha’are’ Orah, the Light corridors of Divine Mind. The spontaneous, ecstatic overflowing of tens of thousands of ‘poems’ that spilled as gems from Rumi’s lips constitute a Light transmission of profound power addressing every aspect of authentic spiritual opening into higher consciousness, the Heart of Being. Even in translation into English, the encoded vibrational integrity of a higher Light harmonic holds and is released through the poem as the Beloved’s initiatory blessing. This baraka blessing, complete interpenetration of higher Light, activates the higher Light encodements, innate wisdom and comprehensive circuitry within us. “There’s an Original inside you.” — Rumi. The poetry of Rumi is a mystical force field. Enter into it with awareness and sincere longing, and it will strike and reveal the deepest core of being. Speak it, and listen as Wisdom’s Voice speaks through you, as you. Its Light will turn you inside out.

Longing compels us to turn within to the still small voice and opens the door of true listening. It begins as a listening awareness of what seems to be another Presence which continues to announce itself, deepen and intensify. This Listening or primordial attunement arises from Silence and returns to Silence while being everpresent. As primary resonance of pure being resounding through the light fields and corridors of Divine Mind, Listening responds, touching multiple symmetry points of consciousness through interdimensional fields. This touching registers, is felt palpably as a ‘lighting up’ and includes the lighting-up of latent potential seedbanks within our multidimensional framework of consciousness. It is a very subtle yet utterly direct and spontaneous movement of pristine awareness, as simple and natural as a hummingbird entering an open flower, tasting nectar. That subtle. That full. Heart finds its voice and responds. The true emotion of Self traverses infinity, allowing compassionate unfolding of whole new evolutionary orders. In the science and arts of divine subtlety, a little calibration goes a long way. Our divinized senses become exquisitely refined (attuned).

Awareness hears/perceives/feels itself moving in rapture through spectrums of color, vast reaches of space, while simultaneously discerning thresholds in octaves of Silence. The luminosity of the living Light is alive with Being’s ecstatic intensity. In its vibrancy, the Light gifts/bestows/lights up Intelligence/Thoughtful Awareness in the experiencer. The power of authentic utterance is Being’s lighting up, Intelligence.


The soul vehicle experiences Light projections of holographic forms. Cascading resonance from Source. Simultaneous presencing and lighting up. There is a visionary quality in this “seeing.” Luminous images, geometries, letters, etchings, symbols, archetypal figures, and numbers are highlighted. Infinite spectrums of color illumine symbols and geometries and present themselves as fields, spreads, and fans, forming patterns of understanding in our consciousness regarding the dynamics of creation and steering or navigating us in our awareness.

This is the pure play of Wonderful Mind. ~ Lex Hixon, Living Buddha Zen

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