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Anointing Consciousness through Sacred Sound, Vibration and The Word
Gabrielle’s CDs are light transmissions of higher harmonics which move the listener through thresholds of consciousness, subtly balancing and harmonizing their energy fields.

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Rumi's Wedding Day CDRumi’s Wedding 2017


Gabrielle Young Poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla and Egyptian
Anthony Mazzella Concert Guitar, Synthesizer
Three Trees Hang, Didge, Percussive, Vocal
A Great Live Recording of  “Rumi’s Wedding 2017”
at Sedona Creative Life Center
(Eco-friendly green sleeve with soy inks)


Excerpt from Track 1 – Be a Ruby Mine

Excerpt from Track 2 – Source and Fountain, In Your Love

Excerpt from Track 3 – Green Fire, One Only, One Always

Excerpt from Track 6 – Divine Child, Hafiz and Rumi

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“Green fire is the sign of the new body
our love engenders in a bed of dawn.” – Rumi

“…a dynamic immersion receiving, breaking open, claiming and settling something with divine truth within for all of us…I was brought to life… intense and fragile and formidable with beautiful transitions and full transmission of Rumi!” – Dominique Beynel



Rumi's Wedding Day CDRumi Favorites
And New Selections:

Gabrielle Young Concert Compilation

A wonderful compilation from 1997-2017 of Gabrielle Young and Poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla, Egyptian and others.



Excerpt from Track 1 – Lalla

Excerpt from Track 2 – Continuous Amazement Lalla and Rumi

Excerpt from Track 3 – Breath of Dawn Mystical

Excerpt from Track 6 – The Seed

Excerpt from Track 6 – Merging Hafiz Suite

Excerpt from Track 6 – One Song Egyptian

Thank you to these great musicians!

Anthony Mazzella concert guitar – Rumi’s Wedding, 2007 & 2011, tracks 4, 5, 7 & 8
Lotus Moon Michael Reidinger (Ghan-Ji), tablas
Peter Manchak (Vishaka), sitar, flamenco guitar
Bhakti Concert 2010, tracks 1, 2 & 9, Lalla and Rumi fire poems
Eric Zang ney, oud, frame, vocals – with Lotus Moon 2010, Rumi’s Wedding 2007 & 2011, all tracks except 6
Three Trees didge, hang, percussion, tracks 4, 5, 7 & 8
Christine Tulis harp, Hafiz from Sea of Splendor 1997, track 6
Michael Kott cello, Hafiz from Sea of Splendor 1997, track 6

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“Gabrielle Young has honed her being and art. She is not only a
marvelous interpreter of Rumi’s poems, but a transmitter of their
sacred fire. She gifts the elixir of holy passion that turns the dross
of being into the gold of truth.”
– Andrew Harvey (Author, Poet, Mystic, Institute for Sacred Activism)

Other Favorite Titles…



Rumi's Wedding Day CD Rumi’s Wedding Day :
Gabrielle Young in Concert

Gabrielle Young (2007)
$20.00, includes Domestic Shipping
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Whether you love the ecstatic Sufi poetry of Rumi and contemporaries, or the hypnotic synergy of Eric Zang with Anthony Mazzella, you will be entranced by this live music performance honoring the International Year of Rumi.  Gabrielle Young has honed her transmission of sacred poetry for over 20 years and it is evidenced in this cd.  It will make you want to drop to your knees in beloved devotion to the divine! ~ Review by Four Corners Magazine, April/May 2008

Gabrielle Young: Poetic Transmission, Sacred Verse
Anthony Mazella: Concert Guitar
Eric Zang: Voice, Ney, Oud, Dumbek and Tar
John Dumas: Didgeredoo, Native Flutes and Percussion
Three Trees: Chambus, Saz, Odu, Dumbek, Tar and Shakers

#1 – On Praise Of
#2 – Ancient Love  | LISTEN NOW
#3 – Returning | LISTEN NOW
#4 – A Seed … | LISTEN NOW#5 – Call to Prayer
#6 – Breath of Dawn
#7 – Blazing Green  | LISTEN NOW
#8 – Soul Light | LISTEN NOW
#9 – Here Now Singing | LISTEN NOW


Opening Invocations by Hildegaard von Bingen
Translations of Rumi by Andrew Harvey and Coleman Barks
Translations of Hafiz by Coleman Barks and Daniel Ladinsky
Translations of Egyptian The Book of Coming Forth by Day by Normandi Ellis
Translations of Lalla by Coleman Barks
Live Mix, Editing and Mastering by Tim Jessup, Sedona, AZ
CD Design by and
Sepia Photos of Gabrielle Young by Michelle Maria Kemble
Preprinted on recycled paper with vegetable inks. Yeah! Thank you Micah at Oasis!

Naked Awareness Naked Awareness:
Gabrielle Young

Gabrielle Young (2002)
$20.00, includes Domestic Shipping
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In every moment, with each breath,
be aware – and live there.
~ Lalla

Deeply meditative. Poetry of Lalla and Rumi with sprinklings of Hafiz, Egyptian, Hildegard and Song of Songs spoken by Gabrielle. Beautiful mantras and music. Music composed, arranged and produced by Patrick Bernard, (previously Bernhardt) of Atlantis Angelis and Solaris Universalis. Patrick is an international artist and winner of numerous awards and Gold Records. He is a brilliant composer/musician/singer who was initiated in Mantra-Yoga or chanting of the Holy Sound Vibrations. Patrick’s latest release, Love Divine, is now at the top of the New Age charts.

Gabrielle Young: Sacred Verse | READ MORE ABOUT GABRIELLE
Patrick Bernard: Guitars, synthesizers, harmonic harps, atmospheric percussion, backing vocals

#1 – Kiss of Peace in Kashmir   | LISTEN NOW
#2 – Tender Words | LISTEN NOW
#3 – The Greeting | LISTEN NOW
#4 – This Day
#5 – Taste of Eternity
#6 – The Void Inside
#7 – Live in the Soul  | LISTEN NOW
#8 – There is No Death
#9 – In the Jasmine Garden   | LISTEN NOW

Translations of Lalla, Hafiz and Rumi by Coleman Barks
Recreations of Rumi by Andrew Harvey
Poetry includes sprinklings from Hildegard von Bingen, Song of Songs
Egyptian translations by Normandi Ellis
Renderings of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky
CD Cover Design by CosmoArt Studio

Sea of Splendor CD Cover Sea of Splendor: Gabrielle Young
Gabrielle Young (1997)
Temporarily out of stock.

Heart zikr, food for the soul, Gabrielle Young’s Sea of Splendor offers divine sustenance — the rapture, majesty, tenderness and rigor of direct union with the Beloved. Celebratory, passionate renewal of our cosmic contract — our Yes! To the Creator and all creation, our Yes! to love and to the opportunity to live, as Lex Hixon says, a blazing inconceivability, to be who we really are, divine agents in a cosmic passion play. Sense of the comprehensive nature and the radical intimacy of our journey with the Beloved, the felt presence of ancestors, guardians and a set of cosmic characters, those who sowed the seed for humanity’s divine intent and fulfillment, their direct nurturing and guidance.

Gabrielle Young: Sacred Verse | READ MORE ABOUT GABRIELLE
Christine Tulis: Celtic Harp, Percussion, Supporting Vocal
Shanti Shivani: Vocal Monochord, Percussion
Michael Kott: Cello

#1 – Merging (Hafiz Suite)
#2 – Drink the Honey (Kabir)
#3 – Growing Wings of Fire (Rumi)
#4 – Crystal Reflecting Fire (Egyptian Pyramid Texts)

Translations of Hafiz and Rumi by Coleman Barks and Andrew Harvey
Translations of Kabir by Robert Bly
Translations of Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day by Normandi Ellis
CD Cover Design by Jon Oda

I walk on earth beneath blue heaven,
my heart telling the story of light;
I walk in harmony,
heaven in one hand, earth in the other;
I am the knot where two worlds meet.

Rejoice! Let grace roll down your cheeks like water;
you are crystal reflecting fire,
In your own becoming
there is Light enough to lead you home;
Go, then, blue-lidded daughter of Dawn, go,
and make of the world something beautiful.

~ Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day,
Awakening Osiris, translated by Normandi Ellis

Worlds of Good Fortune: Unveiling the Gifts
Gabrielle Young (2009)
$28.00 (2-CD Set) (includes shipping)

A potent synergy of ecstatic art, poetry and music in a soul stirring fusion of indigenous flutes, didgeridoo, keyboard, saz, guitar, ambient synthesizer, percussion and the spoken word. A wonderful gift. This exquisite, 2-CD collection is handsomely packaged within a 6″ square, 64 page, hardbound book. The Gallery Book includes 14 fold-out pages showcasing our Unveiling the Gifts sampler art collection – offering a delicious taste of the four Harmonics: Wisdom Embracing Unfolding Joy by artist and poet Trea Christopher Grey.

Gabrielle Young: Poetic Transmission, Sacred Verse | READ MORE ABOUT GABRIELLE
John Dumas: Music by international shamanic sound-healer

14 Tracks – Music by international shamanic sound-healer, John Dumas, and spoken word with celebrated performance artist, Gabrielle Young.
14 Tracks – Instrumental

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