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The real nature of mysticism is wholly practical and scientific. Poets, prophets, saints, and sages are scientists — Light surgeons harvesting universal wisdom directly from inner worlds of luminosity and Grace. Our full humanity is an ontological organ of Light attuned intimately with cosmic biorhythms and flow patterns.

We are designed to travel, as pure awareness, what the mystics call the Sea of Splendor or Divine Transparency, participating as astrophysical bioengineers in the very “nuts and bolts” of creation. Our holonomic nervous system is illuminated — it runs on light, illuminated presence. ~ Gabrielle Young

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Light Infusions: Firing the Neural Hologram of our Spiritual Consciousness
(What really happens in a session)
An Interview with Gabrielle


GABRIELLE: Higher consciousness states are energy experiences — direct, spontaneous, palpable, higher Light transfers. Infusions. Transmissions. “There’s a Light rain falling on the garden of the soul.” (a Sufi song of the Mevlevi Order). These transmissions of Light ignite correlate encodements in our body, opening our nested geometry sets of spiritual bodies. Visualize a set of painted Ukrainian dolls. The tiniest one in the center is our body here with its local or immediate electromagnetic fields. It is the “hara” or spiritual gravity center for all our nested sets. We have the capacity now (and a pre-coded innate response ability to actualize this potential) to move as pure awareness through all these nested sets or energy vehicles. They function as a Unity Vehicle of Light which includes and interfaces with other universal lifestreams. We can commune with other levels of the fields, with guides, ancestors, angelic hosts, the living Prophetoi, and Ascended Masters, and gather information for creative service here. This is what Elizabeth Barrett Browning really meant by “running in the fields with God” — with the Beloved in the fields of Light. And it is Rapture. Here in the Heartlands. More and more refined frequencies of Light purify, sanctify and transform us, pruning and sculpting us into what Lex Hixon calls “fully operative vessels, living Buddhas, waking, speaking, eating, Body.” Complete interpenetration of Light. Embodiment takes on a new form of consciousness.

Expansion into higher consciousness takes us organically right through the human body through the infinite dimensions of the heart, up a spiritual cervix and through a cosmic birth canal composed of a set of cosmic lenses or transparent vertebrae in a cosmic body. This is the journey with the Beloved, a divine seed program, streaming cellular vehicles of Light in a cosmic passion play, moving in Unity. Mystics, prophets, saints and sages have spoken with elegant and rigorous lucidity about this journey, its necessity, and practical requirements. Kabir, “Inside the human body is the seed and inside the seed is the human body again. Be strong, then, enter into your own body — don’t go running off somewhere!” Lalla, “Study the mystery you embody.” Embody. Re-embodiment into cosmic incarnation. Love’s flower. Hafiz, “God’s laughter is Light breaking ground for a great structure, your real body called Truth.” Intimate flame firing the cosmos. Hafiz again, “Our ascending shape of Laughter.” Rumi, “Now is the time the particle you are returns where it came from — the family darling comes home!” or, in a slightly different vein, also from Rumi, “Light came and hunted me down.” Egyptian, “I am the cup of memory and dreams opening. I, the thousand-petalled flower. This body is the book of all I remember. These are the bones of the living God. I am the heir of eternity where the living waters flow — I am Light, entering unto fire, coming forth and shining through darkness.”

We are designed to be vessels, vehicles of Light — to be interpenetrated, informed by this higher wavelength of Light. This is what Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramakrishna, and others refer to as Gnostic incision. A very mysterious and completely natural growth into divine transparency. Embodiment of Presence. I loved discovering that the name of the founding Pir of a particular Sufi Order means “Surgeon of Light.” As we are open, as we receive these higher light transmissions or infusions, inner higher Light genetic encodements which have been dormant, latent potential, are activated. This process of continual updating is finely attuned for each person according to many factors most of which we are not aware of — and need not be. It’s very much like a time-released capsule whose nutrients are released and distributed through our physical bodies in a way that allows maximum balanced absorption and integration. Can you imagine the divine artistry at hand in releasing nutrients of higher Light, in opening us to an infinite magnitude of Light by which we can be fed and nourished? A key to “at easeness” with the whole evolutionary unfolding occurs when awareness of the majestic splendor, precision, and care, the Love and Sublime Intelligence that is literally sourcing, holding, moving and shaping us and the whole show — forever, begins to dawn in a person’s consciousness. One becomes quiet, full of gratitude, and finally, silent. And this is the opening to universal compassion, the true purpose in our being here now as divine agents in a cosmic passion play. And it is interesting. It is a cosmic setup. It is only through compassion that we will be fully opened to receive, embody, and so deliver the Gift.


Hafiz asks,
What’s the difference between a saint, a true lover of God, and someone else?
“The saint knows
That the spiritual path
Is a sublime chess game with God
And that the Beloved has just made such a Fantastic Move
That the saint is now continually
Tripping over Joy
And bursting out in Laughter
And saying, ‘I surrender!’
Whereas, my dear,I am afraid you still think
You have a thousand serious moves.”
~ I Heard God Laughing, Renderings of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky

INTERVIEWER: Would you speak to the different vibrational healing modalities available and how they work?

GABRIELLE: Vibrational healing works with attunement on a subtle energy level through resonance to our innermost nature, Essence, the still, small voice within attuned with Source, the creative and limitless energy unfolding all universes, all creation. The principle of harmonic resonance is a universal Light navigating tool, a way for us to move through inner dimensions and our extended body vehicles as pure awareness and to access directly inner wisdom and guidance. It’s a feeling higher perception, fed and fueled by a cosmic spiritual imperative and evolutionary force — Love.

There is a precise Core-Respond-Dance, frequency attunement, for all levels or resonant bands — wherever one is on this journey of awakening, remembering. Opening the heart is like throwing out a cosmic plumb line and receiving directly from the universe that which is needed. A pure vibrational stock exchange. A universal trust fund and trueing mechanism feeding us with the exact spiritual food vibration for nourishment at each and every stage of growth.

Flower essences, essential oils, herbal tinctures are energetic signatures or patterns of higher Light readily available from anywhere on the globe. An Amazon orchid holds a very different vibration than a flower from the Himalayas or the Southwest. Stars also have neural patterns available on the universal stock exchange. Some of these patterns of higher crystalline Light and color are encapsulated in bottles, so to speak. As we become more fine-tuned, it is possible and natural to draw these vibrations directly from higher Light fields. This is already happening and is, in fact, an ancient knowing resurfacing. All operate in precise frequency ranges, from micro to macro. Some focus on the actual experience of expansion and maintaining a balance while enormous restructuring occurs on all levels to accommodate the expansion. Perelandra essences are a case in point. I have used these with myself, my children, and clients consistently over ten years no matter what activations — individual, planetary, galactic — are occurring. They are reliable. In the process of using them, I learned firsthand about spiritual anatomy. I felt — directly and immediately — how and where the essences registered in my fields. I learned about the cranial and our whole vertical axis cosmic antennae.

This attunement is natural. It was readily accessible and heightened for me because a foundation had already been laid through concentrated spiritual practice over many years as well as communing with nature kingdoms spontaneously since childhood. Without being particularly aware of it, I had been studying energy, light, and the inner kingdoms of luminosity extensively through childhood and adolescence. Devotional study, singing and dancing the sacred names in different root languages, mystical wisdom traditions, and deep steeping with the Beloved through the Presence and Power of the Living Word expressed through Rumi, the Prophets and Masters provided me with the finest vibrational attunement. Music, dance, color, poetry, toning, and chanting integrated and grounded all this. Long before I became aware of anything called spiritual awakening or sacred arts and sciences, there was a very real and substantial recognition within my own being that whatever was going on here, certain vibrations literally fed, sustained and guided essential growth and well-being in a way nothing else did. Restored to Balance. When we have this direct palpable experience of balance, we are alerted to the startling realization that we usually do not experience such simple, sanctified, unwavering coherence. Unity. Mostly, we accept a state of imbalance as balance. The emotional body, for example, accepts as natural constant tremors in the fields equivalent to seismic eruptions and releases in the earth’s body. Our unawareness comes from not having directly experienced the radical beauty and refinement of being fully aligned and balanced through all our energy vehicles, from not having released old vibrational patterns of limited conditioning held in cellular memory. Rebalanced in Grace, the emotional body is liberated, elevated, into divine rapture and a great peace.

INTERVIEWER: How can the “emotional body” experience?

GABRIELLE: “The purpose of emotion is to let a streaming beauty flow through you. The soul’s extravagance is endless” — Rumi. The nature of the soul, our real emotional body, is ecstatic loving awareness — an awareness which reaches out through divinized senses of higher faculties and touches multiple resonance points of symmetry through all the levels. This emotional body has vast interior depths, heights and spaciousness — full resonance capacity. The true emotion of self traverses infinity, allowing compassionate unfolding of whole new evolutionary orders. “O, look again within yourself, for I know your soul was once the elegant host to all the marvels of creation.” ~ Hafiz.


A good illustration of this occurred in high school. A crowd of girls and staff had formed outside the building as I approached. What was present through the group was a vibration of fear and alarm. Spontaneously, I left my body, walking backwards from it and observed the group and my body standing there. A large molecular light screen appeared in front of myself as the observer. Colored beams of light came from different angles and directions and played upon the screen. When the transmission was complete, the screen disappeared, and I walked back into my body. The vibration of fear was gone, replaced with a great quiet and calmness. What triggered love-in-action in me was compassion. I remember feeling compassion rise up in me as a force as the group self-righteously sought out an accused. It was almost twenty years before that memory and the higher healing wisdom in it was recalled.

Precise starpoint calibrations of Light, sound, and color are set for a person during a Light Infusion transmission according to their unique spiritual mandala sets or harmonic matrix sets in accord with their soul pattern and purpose. This occurs within a special Light environment. I facilitate balanced receiving and integration for the person of the transmissions, operating as a traffic control dancer for universal flow patterns and sets. Spectrums and fans of color bicoupled with sound, geometries of Light, archetypal energy constellations are present in the transmission. A higher electromagnetic Light floods the cells, the micro universes, and the fields with a new creative, regenerative power opening, igniting and freeing into creative service multidimensional aspects of being, and building the necessary vibratory foundation to carry and sustain the charge of more and more refined frequencies of Light.

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