Spiritual Healing Retreats


October 9-11 in Sedona

Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Heart Retreat

with Gabrielle, Sasha and Shams Teh

The following retreats are available for individuals and groups.
Call to schedule: 928.282.1277   
Journey With the Beloved: Sacred Passion and Creative Purpose
Sacred Sights Within: Cultivating Spiritual Energy of the Heart and

       Opening Our Visionary Body of Awareness

   See also under “Trainings”:  “Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Heart” and above Sedona October retreat

Gabrielle Young - visionary performer, teacher, healer and mysticSpiritual Healing Retreat Information Relaxing and Rejuvenating Half-Day, Full-Day and 2-Day Retreats Custom Designed for You.   Daily excursions into the heart of Sedona’s mystical lands, meditation, breath and energy work, aromatherapy, sound healing, esctatic poetry, movement and silence. Programs offer an experiential synthesis of mystical wisdom, deepening connection and intimacy with Source and All That Is.  Call 928.282-1277 for information and registration.

The purpose of emotion is to let a Streaming Beauty flow through you. The Soul’s extravagance is endless.  ~ Rumi

A Little About Sedona Sedona is beautiful! Walking on this sacred land fills your heart and soul with song, renews inner passion, purpose and peace. Scheduling a Retreat Custom-tailored individual and small group retreats available. Call (928) 282-1277 to design yours in Sedona or in your community. | CURRENT SCHEDULE | CONTACT GABRIELLE

Illup Gravengaard Sedona


It stays.  It grows.  What moved me the most was each time Gabrielle gave spontaneous readings with music that immersed us in rapture. ~ Lea What a gift you are, bringing the heavens to earth – wisdom to innocence and joy to a suffering world.  Thank you also for bringing the ancient mysteries alive and present through your passionate heart. ~ Enocha Ranjita