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Feel blossoms falling all around you – the buoyancy! – Rumi


Alchemist of Movement, Gesture and Word Gabrielle delivers performances of initiatory ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Lalla, Mirabai and sacred Egyptian texts, with international world fusion musicians

Image (c) Raindrop Turkevi orgGreen fire is the sign of the new body our love engenders in a bed of dawn.

~ Rumi

Ecstatic Poetry and Music Performances Evenings are a symphony of consciousness, a journey with the Beloved, opening the heart and moving people through thresh-holds of awareness. Gabrielle Young I met you at the recent Rumi evening, Intimate Flame.  It was glorious to all the senses as well as the spirit!  I have been listening to your CD, Rumi’s Wedding Day, with chills ever since.  Thank you!  – Erica Burns, Arizona Gabrielle Young Illup Gravengaard


When Rumi was a child in the thirteenth century, sages predicted that he would one day set the hearts of the world on fire. Today, Rumi is the best-selling poets in the world. “This poetry is the living, molten speech of Divine Love itself — a trumpet waking the dead and calling us to relate again to the universe with wonder and ecstasy. Hidden within it is a very exacting and precise teaching, addressing with blazing clarity, humanity’s current spiritual awakening.” ~ Andrew Harvey, best selling author (The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi), scholar, mystic Mevlana Rumi What happens to the guests who keep visiting the verse of a Perfect One? Their voices and cells become refined. They gift back to the world all the light they have received. ~ Hafiz


Thank you. I am deeply moved. All the teachings are in this poetry. ~ Sri Karunamayi Gabrielle Young has honed her being and her art to the point where she is not merely a marvelous interpreter of Rumi’s poems, but a transmitter of their sacred fire. Anyone who sees her performance will come away as I did, haunted by its pure and wild intensity, its unforced exaltation and its all-pervading atmosphere of reverence before the mystery of Divine Love. Gabrielle is an alchemist of movement, gesture, and word; she gifts a long draught of the Elixir of holy passion that turns the dross of being into the gold of truth. ~ Andrew Harvey A Mesmerizing Experience – Gabrielle Young’s rendering of the poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi elegantly evokes the magical passion for the Divine of the great Sufi Spiritual master. Her performance has so perfectly internalized the deep spiritual Messages that one feels the presence of a powerful transmission taking place. Her elegant use of word and gesture makes for a mesmerizing experience. ~ Terry Riley When I first heard Rumi, I felt Being move inside. ~ Gayle Roberts The poetry was words I had heard before, a flowing, a glowing, something so intricate yet simple, a natural instinct and balance. I could feel this very high energy, like a chemical, in my heart. I felt I was skydiving through myself. ~ Natalia I have read Rumi but have never experienced before such intense divine love – it was palpable. ~ Kate Mancini In the mouth of the Beloved, speech is a jewel. ~ Rumi Poetry annunciates an eternal well-spring ~ Gabrielle Gabrielle Young Eric Zang Performance Sponsorship for Community, College, Conference or Organization Invite Gabrielle and musicians to come to your community for single evening concert or include the next day Master Class/Workshop option below. | CONTACT GABRIELLE Optional Performance Package Evening Concert and Next Day Master Class/Workshop. Call for details 928.282-1277. Upcoming Events Dates and locations of upcoming performances. | CALENDAR | CONTACT GABRIELLE Video Excerpt from Rumi’s Wedding Day Celebration 2009