Welcome to  this potent turning for all, full of synchronous unifying surprises, strength and clarity!  Changes are here and opportunities for deepening inner focus and direct experience of unity.  Please explore the site and see what resonates.

I am offering a smaller selection of Uttati Aromatherapy – the main essential oils and blends which are the most supportive for navigating through these changes. Please look on Home page here and order directly through email.  Here is the email gyoungheartcomm@gmail.com  Look forward to hearing from you.

October 9-11 Sedona Retreat

* Opening Humanity’s Universal Heart of Awareness”
with Gabrielle and Sasha and Shams Teh 


New Language, New Body, New Light – Green fire is the sign of the new body, our love engenders in a bed of dawn. -Rumi


September 20 Equinox Celebration

with Illup, Gabrielle and Friends

in the Garden at ChocolaTree in W. Sedona, 5-7 pm

Music, Poetry, Cacao and Elixirs