– UPCOMING 2020 –


Welcome to a fresh page, a potent turning for all, full of synchronous unifying surprises, strength and clarity!  Changes are here and sustained deepening focus. Please explore the site and see what resonates.

Special Easter Concert, Sunday April 12, 3-5 pm

Celebrate the resurrecting power of Divine Love and the deeper mystery of Easter with ceremony, dance, poetry, prayer and music in a beautiful garden space and home in W.Sedona.
Green fire is the sign of the new body
our love engenders in a bed of dawn. – Rumi
Gabrielle Young (Rumi, Lalla, Song of Songs, Aramaic, Egyptian)  
Adele Sands (Crystal Bowls and Sound Healing)

Registration, $20, here. Call  928.282.1277 for address of this small private gathering. 22 maximum or email gyoungheartcomm@gmail.com

Welcome to a Compassionate and Lively Unfolding!

New Language, New Body, New Light

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* The Summoning Power of Cosmic Ardor and Birthing

* Opening new individual and collective Dimensions of the Soul, Quanta Communication and Natural Faculties and Resources of Unified Presence